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Match Report

? BB Ring

The teams available for use in the league are listed in the Races section of the league rules.

All teams begin with 1,000,000gp, and all teams must start with at least 11 players, except Big Guy teams which must start with at least 8 players.  The maximum starting fan factor of any team is 9.

Before playing your first game please note that:

  • You must have read through the league rules and understand the new rules in effect in the PBBL.
  • You must complete and send a match report from the Match Report page within 24 hours of having completed a game.

The 4 Steps to PBBL Gaming

  1. Create a valid roster, have a current PBBL player check and OK the team for compliance with PBBL rules, and then upload the roster to the internet.
  2. Fill out and submit the following form.
  3. Find an opponent and start gaming!
IRC Nickname:
Team Name:
Team's URL:


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