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Check out the 2001 Rules Review rules, available from the Downloads page. If there is any interest out there in trying out these rules using the Blood Bowl IRC client, contact me. If there's enough interest I'll reactivate the PBBL to test out these rules.

I'm currently learning some JSP and SQL, hopefully over the summer I can get these pages automated to make running a league fairly self-sufficient.


The P.B.B.L. now uses full 4th Edition Gold rules, as published on the official Games Workshop Fanatic Blood Bowl website. Differences are listed on the rules page.

Downloads page now open, containing the 4th Edition Gold rules, Blood Bowl IRC client, and other necessary files.


Just an on-the-fly clarification to taking Allies. An allied position player takes the place of a similar position on your team. If there are no similar positions, then the allied player may take the place of any positional player on your roster.

Example 1: A Human team takes an allied Wood Elf Catcher. The Wood Elf then counts towards the Human team's 0-4 Catcher limit, thus he may take 0-3 Human Catchers.

Example 2: A Chaos team takes an allied Dark Elf Thrower. Since the Chaos team does not have any thrower positions, then the Dark Elf counts towards the Chaos team's 0-4 Chaos Warrior limit.

Further clarifications will be made when I am able to publish the rule to the Allied Players rules page. 


Match Report and Join The League forms are now working correctly. Both are in the league section.


The first game of 4th edition has been played between the Morrislem Maulers and Liberi Doloris. After 16 turns of Dwarfs knocking over Undead, the dust settled with a 1 all tie! No noticeable difference has sprung up, even Mighty Blow was unaffected, as all my armour rolls were too low for MB to have any effect. 2+ GFI!


Just added rookie Unicorns into the mix. Amazons, High/Wood Elf and Brettonian only.


The PBBL pages have been completed, and full rules for 4th edition changes can now be found in the rules section. All allowed races can be found in the races section.

Now all we require are a few coaches to put 4th edition through its paces.

Welcome to the newly re-vamped PBBL homepage. Herein you'll find rules and races for a smaller, play-test league based on the 4th edition rule-set.


Tad Wesley's Araby team added.

Wood Elf Mages have been altered: their Heal spell now works on a 3+, rather than the 2+ used by Apothecaries.  Only one attempt to Heal or Apothecary each injury may be made.  Thanks to JThan for this idea.


Since I'm the only commish, if you want to join the PBBL simply find another coach who also wants to join, follow the steps outlined on the Joining the League page, and then play a game!

Also, what does everyone think of letting Big Guy teams start with 7 players instead of 1,500,000gp?  E-mail me your thoughts.

Lastly, the Khemri Undead team is being developed.  Does anyone have any ideas for allies, wizard or possibly another position?  E-mail me.


After an 18 month hiatus, the PBBL is back in business, ready to cater for your alternative league needs.  Since the league is restarting, you will have to create and start new teams, full details for the available races are found on the team races page.

Please note that the league information has changed - the league standings are now handled by, and are automated in a ladder system.  Updated rules for joining the league are now here

As the league has started afresh, all bounties and free agents have been reset, and will only reappear if the populace demands it.


The first round Chaos Cup pairings are up on the Tournament Information page.  Participating coaches, please organise your games to be played NOW.


New rules for the Raise the Dead spell  for Necromancers and Vampire Lords.

New rules for Bleeding Thralls for Vampire teams.

Daemons and daemon teams have been modified.


Griffons have been removed - High Elf teams now have Shadow Warriors.

Due to a low number of teams the Chaos Cup has been postponed until 24.Mar.99.


Dwarf Tactics article by Maquis and Goretex added.


  • The Chaos Cup info is now available!     Sign up now!  Play-offs begin in 7 days!
  • Check out the Free Agent board to fill in those gaps in your team!


  • *WARNING* A person by the nickname of 'Compilato' has been auto-sending scipt.ini files containing trojans to people entering #lockerroom.  DO NOT auto-accept DCCed files, especially when you do not know what they contain.


  • *FIXED* The PBBL Message Board is now up.  Feel free to discuss Blood Bowl and the PBBL on it now!



  • Goblin and Halfling teams may now have up to 3 Big Guys.   Treemen have been incorporated onto the Halfling team list.


  • All PBBL Coaches take note!  In TWO WEEKS the PBBL Playoffs will commence.  Get your preparatory games in NOW, as you require a minimum of 2 games played this season, and a minimum TR of 150 to enter the Chaos Cup.
  • Forest Folk, Beastmen, Chaos Marauder and Troll teams are now available.   Carry Team-Mate rules to accompany Forest Folk teams (and for Chaos Dwarf teams also) are now in the League Rules section.
  • Big Guy teams now have race specific player-wizards instead of Human wizards.  More information is available on the Wizards page.

Last updated 04/12/2001 . E-mail the Commissioner. Disclaimer: This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Blood Bowl is a trademark of Games Workshop Limited, and is used without permission. No challenge to their status is intended.