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? BB Ring

From the fair lands of Brettonia they came, guided by the Lady, to bring justice and righteous might to the game of Blood Bowl. Just as long as the peasants get dirty and the knight's tabards stay clean.








Skills & Traits


0-12 Peasants 40,000gp 6 3 3 7 None Gen
0-2 Squires 70,000gp 6 3 3 7 Pass, Sure Hands, Chivalrous Gen, Pass
0-2 Knights Errant 100,000gp 7 3 3 8 Block, Nerves of Steel, Chivalrous Gen, Str
0-2 Knights of the Realm 100,000gp 6 3 3 9 Block, Stand Firm, Chivalrous Gen, Str
0-2 Questing Knights 130,000gp 5 4 3 9 Block, Stand Firm, Leader, Chivalrous Gen, Str

Re-Rolls: 60,000gp each.
Allies: None.
Star Players: None.
Special Rules: Chivalrous: Chivalrous players may not foul, or provide offensive assists for fouls.


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