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? BB Ring


Qty. Position Cost MA ST AG AV Skills Advancement
0-1 Daemon Prince 130,000gp 5 5 3 8 Mark of Patron God, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Animosity, Unstable, Big Guy Gen, Str, Phys
0-2 Bloodletter 100,000gp 6 3 3 7 Frenzy, Horns, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Animosity Gen, Str, Phys
0-2 Plague Bearer 90,000gp 6 3 3 8 Foul Appearance, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Animosity Gen, Str, Phys
0-2 Daemonette 90,000gp 6 3 3 7 Hypnotic Gaze, Claw, Daemonic Aura, Daemonic Animosity Gen, Ag, Phys
0-2 Pink Horror 70,000gp 6 3 3 7 Big Hand, Split, Daemonic Animosity Gen, Pass, Phys
0-12 Chaos Cultist 40,000gp 6 3 3 7 None Gen, Phys

Re-Rolls: 70,000gp each.
Allies: Daemon Prince.
Star Players: None.
Special Rules: Daemonic Animosity: At the start of each Daemon turn all Daemons adjacent to Daemons of their opposing Chaos God count as having Wild Animal for that turn. Furthermore, they must block the Daemon of the opposing Chaos God, and may not choose to block opposition players instead.


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