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? BB Ring

The creatures of the forest love sport, and running especially so.  They prefer to stay out of physical trouble and keep the ball moving.  Couple this with a lack of passing ability and you have a flexible but hard hitting running game.










0-12 Satyr 50,000gp 6 3 3 7 Horns Gen
0-4 Gnomes 50,000gp 7 2 3 7 Dodge, Stunty Ag
0-2 Dryad 100,000gp 7 3 3 8 Frenzy Gen, Str
0-2 Centaurs 130,000gp 6 4 3 8 Sprint, Sure Feet Gen, Str

Re-Rolls: 60,000gp each.
Allies: Treemen
Special Rules: The Forest Folk do not use ordinary wizards.  Instead they will hire a skilful Satyr to play his pan pipes.  At any time once per game the Satyr may play his pipes.  They send out a peaceful, slumber-inducing melody.  Pick any one player on the field and roll two dice, adding the scores together.  Your opponent rolls one die.  If the Satyr rolls higher than his opponent then the target player succumbs to the spell and momentarily drifts off to sleep.  Place the player stunned (Apothecaries may not alter this).  If the target player was carrying the ball then it will scatter once from his square and the team will suffer a Turnover, otherwise the team may continue with its turn.

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