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Ogres are by far the most common large monster seen on the Blood Bowl pitch, and there have been a great number of famous Ogre players over the years, including many who hold All-Time records, particularly in the Player Fatalities and Halfling-Eating categories.

Ogres are principally useful for attacking plays; they are fearsome Blockers, and some make frighteningly effective Blitzers.  A straight-arm jab from an Ogre has been likened to being run over by a coach and horses at a gallop.  However, their bulk does count against them in the tackle, where they are easily tripped when running, and their poor co-ordination makes their catching dreadful.










0-12 Ogres (L) 120,000gp 5 5 2 9 Mighty Blow,  Thick Skull, Bone-Head Gen, Str, Big Guy

Re-Rolls: 100,000gp each.
Allies: None.
Secret Weapons: None.
Special Rules: Big Guy team.


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