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PBBL: Negative Skills

? BB Ring


A player who has the catch skill is allowed to re-roll the dice if he fails to catch the ball. It also allows the player to re-roll the dice if he drops a hand-off or fails to make an interception.

Diving Catch

The player may use this skill if the ball was thrown to him and missed. It allows the player to move one square after the ball has scattered. This move is made after the ball has scattered, but before it hits the ground or can be caught. No dodge roll is required to make this move. If the move takes the player into the square that the ball is in then he is allowed to try and catch it. Although a player using a diving catch ends up on the ground for a moment, because this is a controlled fall he will not be injured and he will almost instantly regain his feet. Therefore the player is not knocked over when he uses this skill.

Diving Tackle

The player may use this skill if an opposing player that is taking a move or blitz action leaves a square in his tackle zone. Place the player using this skill prone in the square that the opposing player has just left. The opposing player must subtract -2 from his dodge roll.


A player with the dodge skill is allowed to re-roll the dice if he fails to dodge out of an opposing players tackle zone. However, the player may only re-roll one failed dodge roll per team turn. In addition, the dodge skill affects the results rolled on the block dice.

Jump Up

A player with this skill may stand up for free at the start of any action; he does not have to pay three squares of movement. This means that the player can take a block action even when he is prone, because he can stand up for free at t he start of the action.


A player with the leap skill is allowed to attempt to jump over an adjacent square, even if it is occupied by a knocked over or standing player from either team. Making a leap costs the player two squares of his normal movement. In order to make the leap, move the player to any empty square adjacent to the square that they are jumping over, and then make an agility roll for the player. No modifiers apply to this dice roll at all.

If the player successfully makes the dice roll then they make a perfect jump and may carry on moving (and may leap again if they have enough movement left). If the player fails the agility roll then he falls over in the square that he was leaping to, and the opposing coach may make an Armour roll to see if he was injured. A failed leap counts as a turnover, and the moving teams turn ends immediately.

Right Stuff

A player with this skill may be thrown by a large monster with the Throw Team Mate skill. This skill may only be used by players with a strength of 2 or less.

Side Step

A player with this skill is an expert at stepping neatly out of the way of an attacker. To represent this ability, his coach may choose which square the player is moved to when he is pushed back, rather than the opposing coach. Furthermore, the coach may choose to move the player to any adjacent square, not just the three squares shown on the push back diagram. Note that the coach may choose which square the player is moved to even if the player is knocked over after the pushback.

Note that Side Step may only be used to step into an unoccupied square, if there are no unoccupied square adjacent to the player the skill may not be used.


The player may attempt to move up to three extra squares rather than the normal two. Their coach must still roll to see if the player falls over in each extra square he enters.

Sure Feet

The player may re-roll the dice if he falls over when trying to move an extra square.

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