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PBBL: Negative Skills

? BB Ring


The block skill affects the results of the block dice.

Dirty Player

A player with this skill has trained long and hard to learn every dirty trick in the book. If he fouls an opposing player then add +2 to both armour and the injury rolls. Note that this skill can only be used if the player actually makes a foul; it may not be used if he is assisting another player is making a foul.


In order to use this skill the player must be set up on the field when his team kicks off. The player may not be set up in either wide zone or on the line of scrimmage. Assuming all of these conditions are met then the player is allowed to take the kick-off. Because his kick is so accurate, the number of squares that the ball scatters on kick-off is halved, rounding any fractions down (ie. 1=0, 2-3=1, 4-5=2, 6=3).


The player is a natural leader and inspires the rest of the team while he is on the field. Having such a player in the team allows the coach to take a Leader Re-Roll counter at the start of the match and at half time and place it on the Re -Roll track along with his Team Re-Roll counters. A team may only ever have one Leader Re-Roll counter, even if it has several players with this skill. The counter is used in exactly the same way as a Team Re-Roll counter, but it may only be used if a p layer with the Leader skill is on the playing field (standing or prone) at the time the counter is used.

Nerves Of Steel

The player may ignore the -1 dice modifier for enemy tackle zones when he attempts to pass or catch the ball.

Pass Block

A player with this skill is allowed to move three squares when the opposing coach announces that one of his players is going to pass the ball. This move is made out of sequence, after the range has been measured, but before any interception attempts have been made. However, the move may only be made if it allows the player to move into a position to attempt an interception, or to put the thrower or catcher in his tackle zone. The opposing coach is not allowed to change his mind about the passing the ball after the player with this skill has made his move. The special move is free, and in no way affects the player's ability to move in the following turn. Apart from this, however, the move is made using all of the normal rules, and the player does have to dodge in order to leave opposing players tackle zones.


A player with this skill is a hardened veteran. Such players are called professionals or Pro's by other Blood Bowl players because they rarely, if ever, make a mistake. Once per team turn, a Pro is allowed to re-roll any one dice roll he has made. However, before the re-roll may be made, his coach must roll a dice. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6 the re-roll may be made. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3 the original result stands and may not be re-rolled with a skill or team re-roll.


The player may use this skill when an opposing player moves out of his tackle zone. Each coach rolls a dice and adds their own players movement allowance to the score. If the shadowing player's coach manages the beat the other coach's score, then he may move his player into the square vacated by the opposing player. He does not have to make any dodge rolls when he makes this move, and it has no effect on his own movement in his own team turn. If the shadowing players coach rolls less than or equal to the other coach's score then his player is left standing. A player may make any number of shadowing moves per turn.

Strip Ball

A player with this skill forces any opposing player that he pushes back to drop the ball in the square that they are pushed back to, even if the opposing player is not knock over.

Sure Hands

A player with the sure hands skill is allowed to re-roll the dice if he fails to pick up the ball. In addition, the strip ball skill will not work against a player with this skill.


Opposing players who are standing in this players tackle zone are not allowed to use their dodge skill if they attempt to dodge out of the players tackle zone, nor may they use their dodge skill if the player throws a block at them.

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