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PBBL: Negative Skills

? BB Ring


The player adds +1 to the dice when he passes the ball.

Dump Off

This skill allows the player to make a Quick Pass when an opposing player declares that he will throw a block at him, allowing the player to get rid of the ball before he is hit. Work out the pass using the normal rules before the opposing player makes his block. The normal throwing rules apply, except that neither team's turn ends as a result of the throw, whatever it may be. After the throw is worked out your opponent completes the block, and then carries on with his turn.

Hail Mary Pass

The player may throw the ball to any square on the playing field, no matter what range it is; the range ruler is not used. On a roll of 1 the player fumbles the throw, and the ball will scatter once from the thrower's square. On a roll of 2-6 the player may make the pass. The hail mary pass may not be intercepted, but it is never accurate - the ball automatically misses and scatters three squares. Note that if you are lucky the ball will scatter back into the target square! Also note that this skill is very useful when combined with the diving catch skill.


A player with this skill is allowed to re-roll the dice if he misses a pass.

Safe Throw

Roll a dice if a pass made by a player is successfully intercepted. On a roll of 2 or more the interception is cancelled out. On a roll of 1 the interception takes place as normal.

Strong Arm

Reduce the range by one band (but never lower than a quick pass) when the player passes the ball. For example, a long pass is treated as a short pass, etc.

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