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PBBL: Negative Skills

? BB Ring

Break Tackle

The player may use his strength instead of his agility when making a dodge roll. For example, a player with strength 4 and agility 2 would count as having an agility of 4 when making any dodge rolls.


A player with this skill may assist an offensive or defensive block even if he is in another players tackle zone.

Mighty Blow

If this player blocks an opponent, or is blocked by an opponent himself, and the opposing player is knocked down, then you may add +1 to the Armour Roll or the Injury Roll. This skill may not be used by players with a strength of 2 or less.

Multiple Block

The player is allowed to make a block at two or more opposing players at the same time. The opposing players must be next to the player making the block and next to each other. Their strengths are added together and both suffer the effects of the block equally. Both sides may use assists normally.

Piling On

The player may use this skill after he has made a block, but only if the victim was knocked over. The player falls on top of the player that he has just knocked down and may add his strength to the armour roll for the victim. For obvious reasons, when a player uses this skill he is knocked over as well. However, do not make an armour roll for the player who is piling on, as his fall is cushioned by the victim. Note that the player who is piling on is knocked over in his own square rather than that of his victim - it is assumed that he rolls back there after flattening his opponent. Piling on does not cause a turnover unless the piling on player is carrying the ball.

Stand Firm

A player with this skill is never pushed back as the result of a block. He may completely ignore 'push back' results, and 'Knock down' results always knock the player over in the square he started in. In addition, the player does not fall over if he fails a dodge roll. A player that uses this skill to remain upright when they fail a dodge roll remains standing in the square they were dodging from, so his action ends and he may do nothing else that turn. A turnover, however, does not take place.

Note that a player that uses this skill is considered to have been pushed back or have failed to dodge as far as other skills and cards are concerned, even though he does not actually move (so a frenzied player would keep on blocking him, etc.).

Throw Team Mate

A player with this skill may throw team-mates who have the right stuff skill. This skill may only be used by players with a Strength of 6 or more. If the thrower fumbles, then the player being thrown is knocked over in his starting square; no roll is made to see if he lands on his feet.

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