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Always Hungry

The player is always ravenously hungry - and what's more he'll eat absolutely anything! Should a player with this trait ever use the Throw Team-Mate skill, roll a D6 after he picks the player to be thrown up, but before he throws them. On a roll of 1 he attempts to eat the unfortunate player! Roll the D6 again, a second 1 means that he successfully scoffs the other player down, with obviously fatal results for the latter. On a roll of 2-6 the other player squirms free and should be placed prone in a randomly selected adjacent square (if the square is occupied then the original occupant is pushed back and knocked over).


Roll a D6 before taking an action for a player with this trait. On a roll of 1 they stand around trying to remember what it is they're meant to be doing. This means that they can't do anything for the turn, and they lose their tackle zone until they managed to roll something other than a 1 at the start of an action.


Players with this skill are capable of psyching themselves up so that they can take on even the very strongest opponent. The skill only works when the player attempts to block an opponent who is stronger than him. When the skill i s used the coach rolls two dice and adds them together. If the total is greater than the opponents strength value, then the dauntless players strength is counted as being equal to his opponent's when he makes the block, before any bonuses for defensive o r offensive assists are added. If the dice roll is less than or equal to the opponent's strength value, then the dauntless player must use his normal strength for the block.

Daemonic Aura

A team may only include players with a Daemonic Aura if they have a team wizard (The wizard is needed to summon the Daemon from the realm of Chaos). If the team wizard is ever lost then ail players with a Daemonic Aura are cast back into the warp and are lost. Players with a Daemonic Aura do not have normal armour like other players instead they are protected by their Daemonic Auras. This is treated the same as a normal armour value except that the dice roll is never modified for any reason. For example Claw or Mighty Blow could not be used to modify the dice roll. If the Players Daemonic Aura is beaten roll for injury as normal however if the player suffers "an injury" then he is banished from the mortal plane and should be deleted from the team roster as if he had been killed.


A player with the Frenzy trait must make an extra block if he blocks an opponent without knocking them over as part of a block or blitz action. Frenzy is not used with secret weapon attacks or any other kind of attack. The player must follow up the opponent if they were pushed back, and then throw another block at them. Each additional block made by a frenzied player costs them an extra square of movement if they are taking a Blitz action, even if they don't follow up. The blocks are free if the player is taking a Block action, but the player may not throw more blocks than his movement allowance.

Off For A Bite

Roll a D6 for *each* player with this skill each time you want to set them up on the pitch.  On a roll of 4-6 they can be set up normally, but on a roll of 1-3 they've popped into the crowd to bite the lily-white neck of an attractive maiden (and who can blame them!), and can't be used this drive.

Really Stupid

This is treated in exactly the same way as the Bone-Head trait above, except that the player can't do anything on a roll of 1-3 instead of only a '1' unless there is a friendly player in an adjacent square who is not either a Bone-Head or Really Stupid too (i.e. if there's a sneaky Goblin next to the Troll, treat the Troll as a Bone-Headed rather than really stupid!)


It the player is badly hurt, seriously injured or killed then they are placed in the Dead and Injured players box in the Dugout as normal. Before the next kick-off takes place (or at the end of the match if that comes first) a dice is rolled to see if the player regenerates. On a roll of 1-3 the player suffers the effect of the injury as normal. On a roll of 4-6 to player regenerates and should be moved to the Reserves box. Opposing players earn Star Player points based on the original injury rolled.


This ability only applies to Pink Horrors. If the Pink Horror suffers "an injury" it splits into two Blue Horrors instead of being banished back to the warp. This may allow the Chaos team to have more than eleven players on the field. One is placed in the square the Pink Horror occupied the other scatters D6 squares as it pops into existence. If the final square is occupied or off the pitch then roll again. As long as one of the blue horrors survives the match then the team wizard will be able to bring back the Pink Horror for the next game. Blue Horrors are not added to a team roster.







Blue Horror 6 2 3 6 Stunty, Daemonic Aura


Stunty may only be used by players with ST 2 or lower.  The player is so small that they are very difficult to tackle because they can duck underneath opposing players' outstretched arms and run between their legs.  To represent this the player may ignore any enemy tackle zones on the square they are dodging to.

Stunty players tend to break rather easily, which is represented by allowing the opposing coach to add +1 to the dice roll whenever he makes an injury roll for a Stunty player or star player.  Stunty players are also just a bit too small to throw the ball very well, and so must increase the range by one category when they make a pass.

Take Root

Roll a D6 for the player before the match starts.  On a roll of 1 the player is slumbering in a wood somewhere and misses the match all together!  On a roll of 2-3 the player misses a half, roll again at half-time.  On a 4-6 the player makes to the game on time.

Thick Skull

Roll a dice if the player is KO'd. On a roll of 4 or more the player shakes of the effects of the injury and is treated as a stunned result instead. The player may remain on the playing field and is placed facedown. On a roll of 3 or less the player is placed in the KO'd Players box in the Dugout as normal.


The player is incredibly tiny (even smaller than a Halfling or Goblin.) To represent this he makes all dodge rolls with a +2 modifier and may ignore any enemy tackle zones on the square he is moving to. Titchy players must increase the range by one category when they make a pass and opposing coaches may add +1 to the injury roll

Wild Animal

A player with this skill tends to get a bit, erm, carrier away during a match, and rather lets his natural enthusiasm overcome him.  Wild animals must take their actions first of all during a turn; if you take an action with wild animal after having moved a player that is not a Wild Animal, then your opponent can call you for an illegal procedure exactly as if you had forgotten to move the turn market.  Wild animals can never receive assists when they block or foul; they are simply too out of control for other players to help them out.  In addition players with this trait also count as being frenzied.


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