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? BB Ring

All teams now have a list of allied races, as shown on each race's roster.  A team can draw allied players from any allied race. Allied players can be selected from the appropriate team list, or be a Big Guy or star player of the appropriate race.

The maximum number of allied players allowed for a team is one ally from each allowed race.  Any player may be taken from an allied roster, however if a non-lineman allied player (i.e. a positional player) is taken, then he also takes the place of any one non-lineman player on your team.  Players will be marked on their roster as either Linemen (L) or Positional (P).

While mixed race teams do take part in Blood Bowl matches there is no denying that they are simply not as efficient and well trained as other teams.  To represent this the coach of mixed race teams may not use his team re-rolls on allied players in his team.

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