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? BB Ring

In the pre-match sequence of play, Step 1. Changes from the 'Hire Freebooters' step to:

Step 1. Hire Freebooters and Pay Appearance Fees

Appearance fees:

When a player reaches 51 or more SPP's he starts demanding an appearance fee in order to play in a match. At the start of the match the Head Coach must remove the payment (see below) from his treasury. If he does not have the money, or he decides not to pay up, then the player will not play. the player is still placed in the reserves box of the dug-out, and still counts towards the teams team rating, for 'throw a rock', and even MVPs, he just will not step onto the pitch unless his appearance fee is paid. If a coach wants to he may choose to pay a star players appearance fee part way through match, as long as he has the money in his treasury, in which case the player will play for the rest of the match.

Important Note: This rule does apply to Big Guys and Star Players. For the purposes of the table below Star Players are assumed to have a number of SPP's equal to their cost divided by a thousand. For example, The Mighty Zug has a cost of 120,000 gps, and therefore counts as having 120 SPP's And yes, you do have to pay the appearance free right from the very first match you play...


Appearance Fee

51-100 10,000gp
101-150 25,000gp
151+ 50,000gp

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