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All Big Guys count as players of their respective races. In other words all Ogre players are of the Ogre race, in the same ay that all Human players are part of the Human race. The characteristics of all Big Guy players are shown in the team lists below.

The Big Guys in the following list will nearly always be taken as allies for other teams rather than fielded as a team in their own right. If you wish, however, they can be used to form their own teams.

Single race Big Guy teams can't take any allied players. Big Guy teams must start with at least eight players, and can have up to twelve. This aside Big Guys are treated exactly like a normal Blood Bowl team, and may hire extra coaching staff, use wizards, etc. etc. 

Big Guys are very slow learners and so must earn double the SPP's to gain a Star Player Roll.  For example, a rookie Big Guy needs to earn 12 SPPs to become 'experienced' and gain his first roll, 22 SPPs to become a veteran and so on.



Skill Rolls

0-11 Rookie 0
12-21 Experienced 1
22-51 Veteran 2
52-101 Star Player 3
102-201 Star Player 4
202-301 Star Player 5
302-501 Star Player 6
502+ Star Player 7

Most Big Guys are limited to taking Strength and General skills only.  Rat Ogres and Minotaur can take Physical Abilities as well on a star player roll of a double (representing mutations).

In addition, Big Guys are not allowed to use doubles on star player rolls to pick skills from categories not normally allowed to them.  Instead a Big Guy can use a double on a star player roll to do one of the following:

  1. Add +1 to his strength
  2. Add +1 to his armour value
  3. Remove any one trait he no longer wants
  4. Choose a Physical Ability as a mutation (Rat Ogres and Minotaur only).

Note that strength and armour values still can't be improved by more than 2 points over their starting value, or to greater than 10 no matter what.

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