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Player Actions & Turnovers

You must declare which action a player is going to take before carrying out the action. For example, you might say "this player is going to take a block action". This is important for number of reasons, but primarily because of the following amendment to the turnover rules.

Page seven of the Blood Bowl Handbook lists six events that cause a turnover. In addition to these a turnover takes place it a player starts an action and fails to finish it still standing on the pitch. Anything not specifically covered by these seven cases does not cause a turnover.

Picking Up The Ball

A player is only allowed to try and pick up the ball when they move if they entered the square as part of a move or blitz action. Players that move into the square with the ball at other times (i.e. when pushed back, etc.) can't pick up the ball, and instead it will bounce one square. This does not cause a turnover. See the bouncing balls rules on page 13 of the Blood Bowl Handbook.

Note that a player that moves into the square with the ball does not have to pick it up if he does not want to. If he decides not to the ball will bounce one square as described above. Again, this does not cause a turnover.

Catching Bouncing Balls

A player does not have to try and catch a bouncing ball if he does not want to. If he decides not to then it will bounce again. This will not cause a turn over. As far as skills are concerned catching a bouncing ball is considered a catch, and skills that effect a catch can be used.


Throw-ins may not be intercepted.

Team Re-Rolls

You may only use team re-rolls to re-roll a dice roll that could directly affect a player in your own team. For example, it's OK to use a team re-roll to re-roll the Block dice, as the result of the new dice roll could affect a player in your own team. It is not OK to use a team re-roll to re-roll an opposing players armour roll or injury roll, as the new result will only affect the opposing player.

Also, remember that you can only use team re-roll during your own team turn. This means that it can't be used to affect a roil on the KickOff table, or anything else that happens 'between' team turns, before or after the match, etc.

Conceding The Match

You may choose to concede a match at the start of one of your own team turns, before moving the turn marker along the track.

If you do this and you are playing with the League rules from Death Zone, then the winner gains all of the losers money and his MVPs, and may add +2 to his Fan Factor Roll. The loser automatically loses one Fan Factor.

Handing Off The Ball

Important Change: The Hand-off is no longer a free action. Instead a player who is making a Pass action may choose to hand-off the ball rather than throw it at the end of his move. You may still make both a hand-off and a Pass in a single turn. This change aside the hand-off itself works exactly as described on page 20 of the Blood Bowl Handbook.


Players may not assist another player making foul if they are in the tackle zone of an opposing player.

I've Got My Eye On You!

Add this rule to the end of the rules on fouling. In order for it to work you will need a new counter, anything will do: bottle caps, small coins, a bunch of keys, half-eaten sandwich etc., but the best possible 'I've Got My Eye On you' marker (abbreviated to IGMEOY!) is a painted referee model. Once you've got a counter, put it beside the pitch when you set up. Only one is ever needed per match. Here's how it works:

The first time a coach commits a foul, he must hand the I've Got My Eye On You counter to the opposing coach, who should place it on their re-roll track. All the time a coach has the counter on his re-roll track, opposing players will be sent off for fouling it they roll anything other than a double, but not if they roll a double as per the standard rules! This radically increases the chances of being sent off, as they are under the watchful eye of the ref.

The coach is allowed to keep hold of the counter until his own team commits a foul, at which point he must hand it over to his opponent, who can then place it on his re-roll track. In addition, the counter must be returned to the side of the board (i.e. so that neither coach has it) when a half ends or a successful illegal procedure call is made against the coach with the counter. In the case of the Illegal Procedure call, the counter is returned in addition to any other effect the call has.


Apothecaries can only be used to heal injuries that occur on the pitch, or to cure niggling injuries. If used to cure injuries on the pitch then they must be used straight after the injury roll or not at all!

SPPs for Casualties

A player only earns star player points for inflicting a casualty if he blocks an opponent, or is blocked by an opponent himself, and the opposing player knocked over on the pitch and is killed, injured or seriously hurt. Casualties inflicted in any other way do not count for star player points. 

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