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New Teams

  • Starting cash for new teams will be 1 million Gold Coins except for new BigGuy teams. Bigguy teams start with 1.5 million.
  • A Complete list of allowed teams can be found on the Races Page.
  • A coach may add a second team so long as their current team's TR is 50 greater than its starting value (150 for regular teams, 200 for Big Guy teams).
  • During a season, a coach may choose to retire a team if that team is unable to field at least 8 players for the next match, or if that team has played at least 5 matches. A coach may retire a maximum of 2 teams during a season.


  • A team may challenge each other team once per season.  If the challenged player wishes, they may return the challenge and play the team again.
  • A challenged team must provide one of the following responses within 24 hours of recieving the challenge:  play the game at an agreed time, forfeit with the usual forfeiture penalties, or find another coach willing to substitute a team to play the challenging team.
  • A team may not challenge when the opponent is 20 or more points of TR under the team you wish to challenge with, unless the team is TR200 or higher.
  • Two teams may not play each other twice in a row. They must play at least one other game each before they can play the rematch.
  • Two teams may not play each other more than twice during the regular season.

Disputes & Rulings

  • Any rules dispute that is not explicitly covered by the Blood Bowl or Death Zone books, or this document, that last over 5 minutes should be settled by a league commissioner if one is available online. If no commissioner is available, then flip a coin to decide the issue and email the league commissioners for an official league ruling.


  • A team may forfeit without penalty if it cannot field 3 or more players for a kick-off. Should a coach who is down to less than 3 players decide NOT to forfeit, they may continue playing. However, at each kickoff a TEAM reroll must be expended. If they have no reroll, then the players will walk and the game will be forfeited without penalty.
  • If a coach decides to forfeit a game before the team is below the 3 player threshold, then the following penalties will occur: the forfeiting team will recieve no winnings.automatically lose 1 Fan Factor, regardless of the Fan Factor roll, recieve no MVPS, and recieve two losses for the purposes of league standings.

Selling Players

  • The minimum price for a player is rookie cost plus 2,000gc/spp rounded up to the next 10,000. 20,000gc per stat loss or niggling injury may be subtracted from the minimum price.
  • Every coach that sells a player must pay a 10,000gp transaction fee to the league.
  • Players may not be traded between teams.
  • Coaches may also release players to free agency.  To do this, the coach must remove that player from the roster, so that he can be placed on the free agents list.  When that player is signed by a new team, the old team will be given the signing amount minus a 10,000gp transaction fee.

The Kick-Off

Kickoffs will take place as follows:

  1. Place the ball.
  2. Roll on kickoff table and apply results (including Blitz turns).
  3. Scatter the ball.
  • Pitch Invasion and Throw A Rock target only players who are on the pitch.
  • Coaches must field 11 players for each kickoff if they are able, or all available players if fewer than 11 are able to make the kickoff.
  • If a ball bounces out of bounds or into the other half because a player failed to catch the kickoff, this is a touchback.


The following are considered 'Actions' in Blood Bowl:

  • Move: The player moves any number of squares less than or equal to his MA, with two optional Go For Its.
  • Block: The player throws a block on an adjacent opponent.
  • Blitz: The player moves any number of squares less than or equal to his MA (with two optional Go For Its) and may make one block during the move at the cost of 1 MA. May not be used by more than one player per team per turn.
  • Pass: The player moves any number of squares less than or equal to his MA (with two optional Go For Its). At the end of the move, the player may throw the ball. May not be used by more than one player per team per turn.
  • Foul: The player moves any number of squares less than or equal to his MA (with two optional Go For Its). At the end of the move, the player may foul a downed opponent. May not be used by more than one player per team per turn.

Coaches must declare what kind of action each player is making as the player is activated.  Players may not perform more than one action per turn.

Picking Up The Ball

  • Failing to Pick Up The Ball ends your turn immediately, regardless of where the ball scatters and who finally may end up holding it.
  • A player entering the square with the ball in it must attempt to pick it up. However, a player pushed (by a block) or following up onto the square containing the ball may not attempt to pick it up - it will scatter.
  • If a player entering the square containing the ball is subject to a Diving Tackle, resolve the diving tackle before rolling to pick up the ball.
  • If a player moves into a square where the ball is lying, and is blitzing another player simultaneously, the pickup must be resolved before the player may continue with the blitz.


  • Non Treeman players with less than 3 MA roll to get up in the same manner as Treeman players.
  • Treemen with 3 or more MA can stand up using 3 MA without rolling.


  • You may not voluntarily block your own players.
  • The blocker must choose wether or not to follow up before making the armour roll against his victim and before making the scatter roll when blocking the ball carrier.
  • When choosing the square that a player is pushed into, Empty squares must be chosen over occupied squares or out of bounds. Out of Bounds must be chosen over an occupied square. A square containing a non-Stand Firm player must be chosen over a square containing a Stand Firm player.
  • When one player is pushed into another player, the coach of the player who made the block should choose where that third player is pushed following the normal rules for choosing push back location.

Passing, Catching & Intercepts

  • You may intentionally throw or hand off the ball into the crowd.
  • Players may intercept throw-ins if the ball passes directly over the player's square. Pass Block may NOT be used for this. Only one player per team may attempt an interception. If successful, this does not count as an Interception for Star Player Points. If 2 players are attempting to intercpt the throw-in, the player closest to where the ball was thrown from may roll first.
  • The roll to intercept a pass must be made after the pass roll but before the catch roll.
  • Either player involved in a hand off may make the hand off action. This means that a player may take a hand off from a player who has been "Mindblow"-ed and a player with Blunderbuss may accecpt the handoff and still fire that turn.


  • A player may not assist ina foul if he is in an opposing player's tackle zone UNLESS he possesses the Dirty Player skill.


  • When a player is pushed back into the stands, roll only on the Injury table. If this results in a Badly Hurt, Serious Injury or Death, then award Star Player Points to whoever knocked this player into the crowd.
  • Injury rolls may only be re-rolled by first successfully re-rolling the preceding armour or foul roll.  Injuries without a preceding armour or foul roll may not be re-rolled.
  • A serious injury causing one of the player's statistics to be reduced to 0 will simply cause the player to miss the next game, and his stat will remain at 1.


  • Usage of a team's Apothecary must take place immediately following the injury. Should a situation occur where multiple players are knocked down in the same ACTION, the coach may wait until all the AV and INJ rolls are made before decided who gets the benefits of the apothecary.
  • An apothecary may be used to heal players who were not on the pitch when injured (Injured in Practice, Crowd injuries, etc.). Players who are healed when not on the pitch should be placed in the Reserves box.
  • Apothecaries can prevent Injured in Practice, but are then unavailable for the match.
  • You may reroll the Apothecary roll only if the injury happened on your turn.
  • Apothecaries may heal injuries of players and coaching staff. However, Apothecaries may not heal injuries suffered to themselves.
  • Apothecaries can only deal with one niggling injury. If a player is missing a game because of two or more niggling injuries, the Apothecary cannot help him.

Star Player Points

  • No Star Player Points are awarded if a player is injured on a failed Dodge or Go For It.
  • The accumulated Star Player Points for a non-star player who has been Peaked still contribute to team rating.
  • No characteristic may be permanently increased by more than 2 over its starting value, or over 10.


During the normal season, no overtime will be used.  During the Playoff season, overtime will be used in the following manner:

  • Any Team or Leader rerolls left at the end of the second half may be used during overtime play.
  • Possession of the ball at the beginning of the overtime round will be determined by coin-toss, the coach winning the toss will receive.
  • Play will continue until a team scores. The first team to score, wins the match.


Diving Tackle

  • Diving Tackle may only be used on your opponents turn, and only once per turn per player with Diving Tackle.
  • Diving Tackle may not be used with Frenzy, Multiple Block or Secret Weapons.
  • Diving Tackle may be used any time an opponent moves into a square in the tackle zone of a player with the skill, so long as it is also during the moving player's turn. It may be used against players making normal movement, Berzerk players, and players following up a block (unless the player with this skill was the target of the block being followed).

Dump Off

If the ball carrier has Dump Off and is about to be hit by a Diving Tackle, he may attempt a quick pass. This counts as the team's pass action for the turn, and will result in a turnover if the ball is not caught.


  • A player with Frenzy must follow up unless the results of the die roll cause the opponent to be knocked over.
  • When blocking a player with Stand Firm, a pushback result forces another block attempt just as if the Stand Firm player had moved.
  • When a player with Horns and Frenzy is blitzing, in order to get the +1 ST bonus from horns, the blizter must move a square for each hit. (He would lose his horns bonus after the first hit against a Stand Firm player.)
  • A player is not obligated to, but may Go For It to continue a Frenzy. Second (and third) Go For Its are optional.
  • Frenzy may not be used in conjunction with any Secret Weapons.

Hail Mary Pass

  • Hail Mary Pass may not be used in a blizzard.

Multiple Block

  • A player with Multiple Block may follow up into any of the squares vacated by the targets of his block.
  • A player with Multiple Block and Frenzy must block as many targets of his original block as possible on successive blocks.

Pass Block

  • You may not Pass Block a Hand Off, Custard Pie, Stink Bomb or Bombardier's Bombs.
  • Only one player with Pass Block may move under the range ruler but not in the Tackle Zone of either the catcher or thrower. Any number may be moved into the Tackle Zone of the catcher or thrower.

Piling On

  • When this skill is used in conjunction with Dauntless, the TRUE Strength of the player will be used to determine bonuses.
  • You may not Jump Up or spend 3 MA to stand up a player when he has used Pile On as part of his Blitz action.
  • If a player must follow up if possible before Piling On.


  • Pro may be used once per turn, whenever the player performs an action.  Pro may be used once during the player's turn and once during the opponent's turn.


  • Players with Regeneration regenerate on a 3+.
  • Undead players may not regenerate if their Necromancer has left the game for any reason.
  • Trolls, Snow Trolls, Vampires and players who have gained the mutation Regenerate do not need a Necromancer to regenerate.
  • Players may regenerate from injured in practice.


  • Spikes physical ability may not be taken multiple times, and may not raise a player's armour value above 10.

Strip Ball

  • Strip ball will knock the ball loose from a player with Stand Firm if a Push Back result is rolled.

Strong Arm

  • Strong arm does not allow dump offs in the short range band.


  • Players who have gained the physical skill Stunty suffer a one band range penalty when passing, and a +1 on the injury dice in the same manner as halflings and goblins.
  • Stunty may only be used by players with ST 2 or lower.

Sure Feet

  • Sure feet may be used more than once a turn, but only once per extra square entered.

Throw Team-Mate

  • Stunties may throw or be thrown for Short passes in a blizzard, even though they are treated as Long.
  • Non-stunty players with the right stuff take a two-band range penalty for the throw (short becomes long bomb, etc.)


  • Cards causing a player of the moving team to fall or be forced into the crowd result in a turnover unless expressly stated otherwise on the card.
  • The earliest a special play card may be played is immediately after both coaches decide wether or not to use the Apothecary to heal any Niggling Injuries.

Duh, Where Am I?

  • The dazed player on the receiving end of a Duh, Where Am I? may be stood up and take an action on the turn he is knocked down.
  • The dazed player on the receiving end of a Duh, Where Am I? can not score a TD against his own team. He may score against the opposing team if he happens to be holding the ball in the endzone.
  • The dazed player on the receiving end of a Duh, Where Am I? gains no Star Player Points for completed passes to opponents, causing casualties to team mates, or intercepting a team mate's pass.

Eye of the Eagle

  • Eye of the Eagle won't make a Hail Mary accurate.

Magic Helmet

  • A player may not benefit from multiple magic helmets.


  • If your Away Fans have been banned, and you play Merchandising, you receive 10,000 x your Fan Factor, as recorded on your roster, not 10,000 x 0, where 0 is your FF for the game.

Player Strike

  • Blood Bowl negotiators are not very bright. If they call a Player Strike and you have no money in the treasury, they will play the match anyway.

Sewer Map

  • If a player using a Sewer Map enters the field in an occupied square the occupying player is pushed back, as if hif from the square indicated by the second scatter roll.


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