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A lot of players in Blood Bowl have skills, while some also have traits. Skills will be familiar to players of the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl, but traits are a new addition for the 4th edition rules. Although skills and traits are similar in many ways, they do work slightly differently. These differences and the general rules that apply to skills and traits are described below. The specific rules for each skill and trait describing the exact effect they have on the game are described in the skills and traits listing part of the resources page.


Many players have skills such as block, pass, catch etc. You never have to use a skill just because the player's got it. You can choose to use a skill that gives a re-roll or a dice roll modifier after rolling the dice. For example, you could say you were going to use the block skill either before or after making a block dice roll. If both coaches want to use a skill to effect the same thing and there is an argument about 'who goes first', then the coach who's team turn is taking place must use his skill first.

Very Important New 4th Edition Change:

A player that is performing an action may only use ONE skill during the course of that action. Players may use any number of skills at other times (i.e. during the opposing team turn, or while another player is performing an action in their own team turn), but may only use one skill, one time, during the course of an action they are performing.

For example. A player with Block and Dodge Performs a Blitz action. He starts in a tackle zone and dodges out, but fails the agility roll. He decides to use his dodge skill to re-roll the dice, and succeeds at the second attempt However, because he has used a skill he may not use either Block or Dodge again in the course of that Blitz action.

A second example. A player with the Accurate and Pass skills throws the football and misses. He can either use his Accurate skill to add + 1 to the dice roll or use the Pass skill to re-roll the dice. He may not choose to do both things

Another example. A player with Guard is standing next to a player who makes a Blitz. The player with the Guard skill uses it to lend an assist. This does not stop the Blitzing Player from using a skill during his action. It also does not stop the player with the Guard skill from using it or any other skill again that team turn.

A final example. A player from the non-moving team is blocked by an opposing player The player uses his Block skill to avoid being knocked down. This does not stop him using the block skill again during the turn, or when he takes an action next turn.

Note that you can't 'go back' in time and use a skill to effect an earlier action. For example, if a player was blitzing, you couldn't have him throw a block, move a couple of squares, and then say "actually, I think I'll use my pro skill to re-roll that block" - the skill must be used directly before or after the action it will effect or not at all.


Most Big Guys (see the rules for Big Guys later on), and some other players, have traits. Most traits are bad things rather than good things. They tend to be habits or failings that a player has but which he has little or no control over. Because of this, a player must follow the rules for a trait if they apply, and cannot choose to ignore the trait and not use it. For example, Ogres have the trait of 'bone-head'. Which means they must roll a D6 before taking an action and on a roll of '1' they stand around going 'duh' (see below for details). Unlike skills, you can use, indeed may have to use, any number of traits in a single team turn. Using a trait does not stop you using a skill in the same team turn.

Skills Changed Since 3rd Edition


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