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Using these rules you are not allowed to purchase any of the Star Players that have secret weapons.  Instead you can purchase secret weapons for the 'ortinary' players in your team when it is created, or when a new player is added to the team.

Each team can only ever have one player with secret weapons on the team roster at any time (Goblins are extremely dirty and desperate so they can have up to four players with secret weapons)> If you ever have more than one player with a secret weapon then you will have to start sacking players until you only have one player with a secret weapon on your team roster.  Note that you can't simply get rid of a player's secret weapon.  Once a player owns a secret weapon they become attached to it and wouldn't five it up for all the gold pieces in the Old World.

Only the real desperate and dirty would ever stoop so low as to using a secret weapon.  To represent this, secret weapons may only be purchased for specific types of players - this will be indicated on each race's roster.

The costs and penalty rolls for all secret weapons are shown below, along with the teams that may use the weapon.  Allied players may only use weapons allowed in the team they are allied to. The cost of a weapon is added to the cost of the player using it.



Teams used by

Penalty Roll

Chainsaw 60,000gp Goblin, Dwarf, Human, Orc, Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Undead, Norse 8+
Blunderbuss 30,000gp Chaos Dwarf, Human 10+
Poison-Dagger 10,000gp Dark Elf, Human, Skaven, Chaos, Lizardmen 10+
Explosive Bombs 40,000gp Goblin, Dwarf, Chaos Dwarf 8+
Stink Bombs 20,000gp Goblin 10+
Pogo-Stick 20,000gp Goblin 10+
Ball and Chain 30,000gp Goblin, Human, Norse 7+
Death Roller 180,000gp Dwarf, Human, Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Goblin, Skaven, Norse 7+

The rules for the secret weapons can be found on the Secret Weapons list here.

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