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PBBL: Negative Skills

PBBL: Negative Skills

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Negative Skills

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Always Hungry

The player is always ravenously hungry - and what's more he'll eat absolutely anything!   Should a player with this skill ever use the Throw Team-Mate skill, roll a D6 after he picks the player to be thrown up, but before he throws them.  On a roll of 1 he attempts to eat the unfortunate player!  Roll the D6 again, a second 1 means that he successfully scoffs the other player down, with obviously fatal results for the latter.   On a roll of 2-6 the other player squirms free and should be placed prone in a randomly selected adjacent square (if the square is occupied then the original occupant is pushed back and knocked over).


Roll a D6 before taking an action for a player with this skill.  On a roll of 1 they are standing around trying to remember what it is they're meant to be doing.  As a consequence of this, the team suffers a Turnover.


Chivilrous players follow a strict code of honour, and this does not allow them to kick a player when he is down.  Thus, Chivilrous players may not perform foul actions, nor may they assist in foul actions.

Off For A Bite

Roll a D6 for *each* player with this skill each time you want to set them up on the pitch.  On a roll of 4-6 they can be set up normally, but on a roll of 1-3 they've popped into the crowd to bite the lily-white neck of an attractive maiden (and who can blame them!), and can't be used this drive.

Really Stupid

This is treated in exactly the same way as the Bone-Head skill, except that the player can't do anything on a roll of 1-3 instead of only a '1'.   However, if there is a friendly player in an adjacent square who is not either a Bone-Head or Really Stupid too (i.e. if there's a sneaky Goblin next to the Troll), treat the Troll as a Bone-Headed rather than really stupid!

Take Root

Roll a D6 for the player before the match starts.  On a roll of 1 the player is slumbering in a wood somewhere and misses the match all together!  On a roll of 2-3 the player misses a half, roll again at half-time.  On a 4-6 the player makes to the game on time.

Wild Animal

A player with this skill tends to get a bit, erm, carried away during a match, and rather lets his natural enthusiasm overcome him.  Wild animals must take their actions first of all during a turn and must make a 2+ roll; if you take an action with wild animal after having moved a player that is not a Wild Animal, then your opponent call you for illegal procedure exactly as if you had forgotten to move the turn marker.   On a roll of '1' he goes berserk. Berserk players immediately drop the ball if they have it, which causes a turnover at the *end* of their action.  The berserk player will then attempt to block the nearest player friend or foe - attacking them as if he were making a frenzied blitz move (i.e. he keeps blocking until the victim goes down or he runs out of movement).  The beserk player must take an opponent down result as long as that result does not cause the berserking player to go down himself.  The berserk player will always go for an opposing player if there's a choice, but otherwise decide randomly who he goes for.  The berserk move DOES count as the team's blitz action, with the exception that it can be made even if another Wild Animal from the team has already gone berserk and blitzed.  Berserk wild animals do have to go for it in order to try and knock their victim over!  In addition, the berserk player must use any skills that modify the armor and/or injury roll.

When handling more than one Wild Animal on the same team, the order of movement is as follows:

  • Roll for each Wild Animal player to see if they go berserk.
  • Move all berserk players following the rules above, but in any order chosen by the Wild Animal coach.  Any turnovers caused by any of the berserk players will take effect once all berserk players have finished their moves.
  • Move all non-berserk Wild Animal players.
  • Move any remaining non-Wild Animal players.

Woof Woof

If a Skeleton is killed by a player with Woof Woof it may not regenerate, and the player is placed in reserves box for the remainder of the match.

If a Treeman is on the pitch, roll D6 before taking an action with this player.   On a 1, the player moves towards the Treeman.  If the player is adjacent to a Treeman, roll a D6. On a 1, the player may take no further action that turn.


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