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PBBL: Negative Skills

? BB Ring

Big Hand

A player with one or more big hands will pick up the ball on a D6 roll of 2 or more if they enter a square where the ball is on the ground. No modifiers apply to this dice roll.


A player with a claw may add +2 to the dice roll when he makes an Armor roll.

Extra Arms

A player with one or more extra arms may add +1 to all his catch rolls.

Foul Appearance

The player’s appearance is so horrible that any opposing player within three squares of him must subtract -1 from the dice when they pass or catch the ball. In addition, any opposing player that wants to block the player must first roll a dice and score 2 or more. If the opposing player rolls a 1 he is too revolted to make the block and it is wasted (though the opposing team does not suffer a turnover).


A player with horns may use them to butt an opponent. This adds +1 to the player’s strength when he makes a block. However, the player may only use this ability as part of a Blitz, and only if he has moved at least one square before he makes the block.

Hypnotic Gaze

This player has a powerful telepathic ability, which he can use to stun an opponent into immobility. The player may use his hypnotic gaze once during each of his own sides team turns, at any point during the turn. The hypnotic gaze is a free action and does not interfere with the player’s ability to take any other action either before or after he uses the ability. The player may turn his hypnotic gaze on one opposing player who is in an adjacent square. Roll a dice: if the score is greater than the victims Agility, then the victim is hypnotized and loses their tackle zone for the rest of the team turn. If the score of the dice is less than or equal to the opponents Agility then the hypnotic gaze has no effect.

Prehensile Tail

The player has a long, thick tail, which he can use to trip up opposing players. To represent this, opposing players must subtract -1 from the dice roll if they attempt to dodge out of the players tackle zone.

Razor Sharp Fangs

The player may add +2 to any Injury rolls that he makes. May also be defined as Razor Sharp Claws.


Add +1 to the players Armour Value.


In order to leave this player’s tackle zone an opponent must roll under their Strength on a D6. If the player roll equal to or greater then their strength, then they have been grabbed by a tentacle and may not move, though they may block, pass or catch the ball as normal.

Two Heads

Add +1 to all Dodge rolls the player makes.

Very Long Legs

Add +1 to the player’s movement. In addition, the player is allowed to add +1 to the dice roll whenever he attempts to intercept the ball.

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