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In the Old World the dead do not rest easy.  Vampires lurk in haunted castles, Necromancers seek to escape death by searching for forbidden knowledge, the Liche-Lords rule over legions of corpses, and on the Blood Bowl field players who died long ago return to the scenes of their former glory and play Blood Bowl once again...










0-12 Skeletons 30,000gp 5 3 2 7 Regenerate Gen
0-12 Zombies 30,000gp 4 3 2 8 Regenerate Gen, Weapon
0-4 Wights 90,000gp 6 3 3 8 Block, Regenerate Gen
0-4 Ghouls 70,000gp 7 3 3 7 Dodge Gen, Ag
0-2 Mummies 100,000gp 3 5 1 9 Mighty Blow, Regenerate Gen, Str

Re-Rolls: 70,000gp each.
Allies: None.
Special Rules: All Undead teams must have a Necromancer as their head coach - after all, it is the Necromancer's spells that created the team in the first place and they wouldn't exist without him! Therefore all Undead teams are assumed to have a team wizard for free (i.e., the head coach is a Necromancer).  In fact, Undead teams are not allowed to hire a normal wizard at all, and the only way that they can get one is by winning the Dungeonbowl and being given one as a prize!

In addition to his abilities as a head coach the Necromancer may cast a Raise the Dead spell once per match.  This spell may only be cast if a player from the opposing team is killed during the match.  It allows the Necromancer to raise the player from the dead and add him to the Undead team as a new Zombie player! The spell may only be cast on players of roughly human size (i.e., not on large monsters like Ogres or Trolls, or small players like Halflings or Goblins). The new player has standard Zombie characteristics no matter what his skills or abilities in life, and may only be added to the Undead team if it has fewer than 16 players at the time.  The new player may be placed in the Reserves box of the Undead team's Dugout immediately after he has been raised from the dead. 

For obvious reasons, Undead teams may not employ the services of an Apothecary.


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